250g for full body treatment.

Mix 250g of powder with 400ml of warm water until you get an homogeneous paste. Leave it around 2 minutes, then apply it directly to the body. Wrap the customer in a warming blanket and a plastic sheet. Duration : 15 to 30 minutes.


  • Sweet orange peel powder
  • Zea mays starch
  • Pink clay

Socri A body wrap provides both therapeutic and cosmetics benefits. The Body Pack is an extremely rich blend of micronized plants or seaweed formulated to create an unctuous and generous paste reflecting the vegetal wealth of the powder.

A fruity & energizing body wrap

The Orange Herbal Pack is formulated with micronized Sweet orange peel associated to a 100% natural basis. It is a very fine powder which turns into a very soft and unctuous paste once mixed with water. Its scent is due to the natural essential oils contained in the orange skins. This Herbal Pack is designed for natural body treatments improving firmness and relieving congestion. Socri

Orange for a toning & decongesting treatment 

Sweet Orange peel is a unique source of vitamins A & C, bioflavonoids and essential oil. The sweet orange essential oil is mostly composed of limonene, a potent tonifying ingredient for dry and congested skin.. It is an excellent skin tonic, known in aromatherapy for its calming & relaxing properties. The protective action of orange is due to its content in flavonoids. These components protect and increase capillary strength.Socri