400g for a full body treatment.

After having warmed up the mud in a micro-wave oven or in a bain marie, applied it locally or on the whole body. In this case, wrap the person in a plastic sheet then in a warming blanket. Duration: 30 minutes.


  • Lithothamnium powder
  • Fucus powder
  • Kaolin

Socri Marine muds are ready-to-use fangotherapy treatments. Refe- rence product in thalassothera- pies, these remineralizing and detoxifying treatments are highly concentrated in active mineral & trace elements. These muds can be applied locally or on the whole body, to gently contour and deeply revitalize the skin.

A rich marine mud

Professionally designed, the Fango marine mud has an homogeneous smooth texture and is very easy to apply to the skin. This natural mud is a unique mix of marine silt and micronized seaweeds. The seaweeds micronization process allow active ingredients to release during the treatment. Ideal for thalassotherapy treatments, to be applied locally or as body pack or, this mud gently contours and revitalizes the skin providing immediate results. Socri

Fucus & Lithothaminum: detoxification & remineralization

The Fango marine mud is a skin purifying treasure containing an outstanding quantity of mineral salts and trace elements. This unique mud combines Fucus & Lithothamnium seaweeds, bringing the skin calcium, magnesium, iron and others beneficial minerals. Scientific studies have shown that these natural materials have a ionic exchange capacity through the skin, drawing out impurities and toxins. Socri